Nightlight's main goal is to promote kindness on the internet. It is too easy to resort to condescending, rude or harmful comments behind the anonymity of being on the internet. This platform is designed for people wanting to help other people. We all deal with days of lower motivation, enthusiam or contentment. Helping someone through words has the chance to make a profound impact on mental health and well being.


I'm Anthony, the person responsible for Nightlight. I created it because of the increasingly worrying effects of social media on mental health. I love making apps and Nightlight seemed like an opportunity to do something I love and help people at the same time.

What is Electriapp?

The company name for all my applications fall under Electriapp. Having company branding is easier for supporting the app since it can have it's own social media pages.


If you'd like to get in touch about potential features for the app, bug reports or general ideas, send a message over on your preferred platform: